10 Best Daytona Beach Restaurants

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Next time you head to Daytona Beach, make sure to try out at least one of these great Daytona Beach restaurants ! Great breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options with a little bit of something for everyone. Daytona Beach may be known for racing, but the best restaurants in Daytona Beach show that the food in Daytona Beach is almost as good as the racing!

11 of the best Daytona Beach restaurants

Must-Try Daytona Beach Restaurants

My family and I headed to Daytona Beach to seek out the best things to do in Daytona Beach.

Little did I know that during our weekend getaway, we would not only find awesome things to do in Daytona Beach but also some great food.

Many of these restaurants in Daytona Beach were recommended by friends before our trip, others were Trip Advisor recommendations , and a handful were ones recommended by locals in the area, like our awesome valet guy at The Shores Resort & Spa .

  1. Mike’s Galley
  2. Crabby Joe’s
  3. Azure
  4. Donnie’s Donuts
  5. Sloppy Joe’s
  6. Senor Taco
  7. Don Vito’s
  8. Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop
  9. The Shores S’mores
  10. Cow Lick’s

The Best Restaurants in Daytona Beach

As a quick disclaimer, while this post is titled Daytona Beach restaurants, some of these are actually technically in different cities and just near Daytona Beach. But for the sake of simplicity, I just wrote Daytona Beach. All of them are located in or near Daytona Beach.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite restaurants in Daytona Beach, map them out and drive away. I’ve split them up by breakfast/brunch, lunch/dinner, and dessert. Feel free to eat dessert if that’s your thing. Or first and last. That’s my thing.

Daytona Beach Restaurants for Breakfast or Brunch

Whether you want donuts, cinnamon rolls, or eggs – these places to eat in Daytona Beach for breakfast will hit the spot!

Mike’s Galley

Mike’s Galley is an unassuming mom and pop style diner that’s just a few minutes from The Shores Resort and Spa and the Oceanwalk Shops. Honestly if I hadn’t read the reviews on Trip Advisor, I’d never have even known it was there.

The cinnamon rolls are huge. We tried the biscuits and gravy, hash brown casserole, and crab egg Benedict and were happy with all three. And the service is fantastic.

Sit in a rocking chair outside, ask a couple of questions from a trivial pursuit game, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast without a care in the world.

Mike’s Galley Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

The massive cinnamon rolls at Mike

Great food in Daytona Beach can be found at Mike


Crabby Joe’s

Crabby Joe’s is more about the view than the food, but it needed a spot on the list because the location is fantastic.

Crabby Joe’s sits out on a pier right in the middle of the ocean with fishing off the end, made to order omelets at breakfast, and good enough food for me to still recommend it as somewhere to eat, not just explore.

Park your car on the beach and wander over for a plate of their popular french toast or a drink to enjoy with your view.

Crabby Joe’s Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Crabby Joe

Get made to order omelets at Crabby Joe

Great menu at Crabby Joe

The view from Crabby Joe

Azure at The Shores

One of the best things I ate on our entire trip to Daytona Beach was the grilled cheese from the brunch menu at Azure at The Shores Resort & Spa . To be honest, it might have been the best grilled cheese I’ve ever eaten, or at least the top five.

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The grilled cheese is toasted in panko, which gives the outside the crispiest crunch ever, which perfectly complements the various types of cheese layered inside the sandwich. It comes served with sweet potato fries that I could have eaten all day long.

While the grilled cheese was the star of our meal, my husband also thoroughly enjoyed the lobster frittata and was regretting not ordering the poke from the brunch menu.

Azure also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with fine dining both indoors and outdoors by the resort’s pool and bar area.

Azure Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

The grilled cheese at Azure at The Shores makes it one of the best restaurants in Daytona Beach!

Donnie’s Donuts

Not sure Donnie’s can really be considered breakfast when the donuts come topped with things like sour gummy worms, but donuts are typically a breakfast or brunch food so I added it anyway.

When we walked in the door we were told Donnie’s makes vintage and modern donuts – vintage cinnamon sugar cake donuts and modern donuts covered in crazy toppings like fresh fruit, cereals, nuts, and more.

Don’t stick to just what your eye can see on the pre-made donut trays. If you walk around the left corner, find where they make custom donuts.

They’ll take their cake donuts and top them with pretty much whatever you want. Icings, toppings, you name it.

My son went for a sprinkle and sour gummy worm donut, and I was highly tempted by the key lime icing option. Next time.

Donnie’s Donuts Website | Trip Advisor Reviews


Modern vintage donuts at Donnie

Fruity pebbles donuts at Donnie

The custom donuts at Donnie

Daytona Beach Restaurants for Lunch or Dinner

I combined places to eat lunch and dinner in Daytona Beach because a lot of these places have similar menus for both and when you’re at the beach, time isn’t really a thing. All of these have great menus full of delicious choices!

Sloppy Joe’s

The one thing everyone told us about Sloppy Joe’s was that the mozzarella sticks were as big as Twinkies. People weren’t kidding.

I love mozzarella sticks and these were definitely the biggest I’ve ever seen. They came four to a plate and were literally the size of Twinkies.

Order a plate to share and enjoy the biggest bite of fried mozzarella you’ll probably ever take.

Sloppy Joe’s is also known for their sloppy joe nachos (also huge) as well as a fantastic location right in the Daytona Beach Oceanwalk Shops.

We ate a late lunch of coconut shrimp, nachos, sweet potato tots (so good!), and grabbed our drinks in take home shark cups to take for a walk on the beach right below.

Sloppy Joe’s Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Sloppy Joe

The mozzarella sticks at Sloppy Joe

Sloppy joe nachos at Sloppy Joe



Senor Taco

Senor Taco is not the place to go if you have a big party, want a long leisurely lunch, or don’t like tacos. But if you’re a Taco Tuesday fan, make sure to plan in a stop to this taco shop.

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Tacos are served in one of three styles or make your own. And the tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are made to order and delicious.

They’re not particularly unique or creative – just good, fresh, tasty tacos that hit the spot when you want a quick lunch.

They also just opened a brand new location called Senor Taco Too with an expanded menu that’s worth trying!

Senor Taco Website | Trip Advisor Reviews
Tacos at Senor Tacos are to die for! Great food in Daytona Beach. Cheers to Senor Tacos, one of the best Daytona Beach restaurants.

Don Vito’s

Don Vito’s is the only place on this list that is near the Daytona Speedway. All of the other Daytona Beach restaurants are closer to the beach. It’s only like a ten minute drive and well worth the drive.

Don Vito’s is the epitome of a family Italian restaurant. Great food. Great service. And a place where you feel comfortable letting your kids run around without shoes on because you feel like family.

It’s a family run place that thrives on fresh, made to order food, and great pizza dough.

We skipped the pastas and entrees and went straight for all the carbs.

Fried ravioli to die for, delicious bruschetta, pizza rolls so good we took them home on the airplane, and pizza with crust my husband is still talking about a week later.

I only wish we’d been in Daytona Beach for longer so we could have tried entrees and desserts, our stomachs were too full of pizza crust to fit anything else.

Don Vito’s Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Some of the best food in Daytona Beach is at Don Vito

The pizza crust alone could make Don Vito

Daytona Beach Restaurants for Dessert

Okay now it’s time to talk about the sweet stuff! I’m a huge fan of desserts whether it be ice cream or cheesecake, cupcakes or gummy worms. My sweet tooth loved all of these places to eat in Daytona Beach!

Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop

Zeno’s is apparently a Daytona Beach staple as we had a number of people tell us it was a must-stop spot during our trip, and they were right!

It’s at the very end of the boardwalk and if you love taffy or other candy, definitely worth the walk. Zeno’s says they’re the world’s most famous taffy maker and even if it’s not true, I believe it.

I’ve never seen so many varieties and colors of taffy in my life and had to buy an entire bag that I can’t even eat right now because I have to try the flavors when my dental work is done next week!

I picked out about 20 different pieces with flavors ranging from German chocolate cake to Key Lime Pie.

And my son who doesn’t like taffy picked out a bag full of gummy worms, gummy sharks, and other gummy sea creatures. It was his favorite food in Daytona Shores for sure.

Zeno’s Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Hundreds of flavors of Taffy at Zeno

Watch a taffy pull at Zeno

Hundreds of flavors of Taffy at Zeno

The Shores S’mores

If you’re staying at The Shores Resort & Spa, each guest receives a complimentary s’mores kit to cook on the fire pit in their outdoor pool space.

Kits come with enough s’mores for at least four people depending on how many you each eat and a fire roasting stick. If you’re not, you can purchase s’more kits in their gift shop!

My son isn’t a chocolate fan (crazy right??) but he still loved helping Dad blow out the marshmallows when they caught on fire and helping me smoosh the marshmallows and chocolate together in between two graham crackers.

And me? I always love a place I can get a freshly cooked s’more. When you’re away from home and not camping, being able to make s’mores is a real treat!

The Shores Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Make S

Make S

Make S

Cow Lick’s

Every beach town needs to have a good ice cream place and for Daytona Beach, Cow Lick’s is one of the best. We knew it was going to be good as soon as I saw the teenagers hanging out in the backroom playing Phase 10 with their ice cream and the local family competing at one of the PacMac tables in the front.

There are a few arcade games, a bouncy ball machine, and a lot of cute cows decorating the place.

And when it comes to ice cream – they have it all. Milkshakes, sundaes, and a very popular banana split.

Pick your size (portions are huge!), your flavors, and enjoy a nice creamy treat along with other Daytona locals.

Cow Lick’s Website | Trip Advisor Reviews

Dessert at Cowlicks in Daytona is some of the best food in Daytona Beach!

Stuffed cows at Cowlicks

Ice cream at Cowlicks is one of the reasons it

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The best restaurants in Daytona Beach Florida! Everything from food on the boardwalk to food near the beach shores!

11 of the best restaurants in Daytona Beach