100+ Awesome Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2020

List of 2020 summer bucket list ideas Summer photo with text for Pinterest Summer photo with text for Pinterest Summer photo with text for Pinterest List of 2020 summer bucket list ideas Summer bucket list ideas for all ages

Make this the best summer ever with these fun summer bucket list ideas . Or use these bucket list ideas like having a watermelon seed spitting contest, doing a cartwheel, and having an outdoor movie night to create your very own summer bucket list !

Summer bucket list ideas for all ages

What Is A Bucket List?

If you’ve never made a bucket list before, they’re the best.

A lot of people have bucket lists full of items they want to do sometime in their life. Maybe a travel bucket list of places they want to travel or a seasonal bucket list of things they want to do this summer. It’s basically a list of things you want to accomplish within a set amount of time.

While some people like to put together say a lifetime bucket list, I prefer to make bucket lists for short periods of time such as the summer.

With summer being such a short time, it’s a great way to really dive in and try to enjoy as many of these summer bucket list ideas as possible!

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100 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Everyone’s bucket list can be a little different, but these summer bucket list ideas should hopefully be enough to get you started with creating your own!

While most of the ideas on the original bucket list below are totally okay for 2020, some of them may not be possible for your family with everything going on right now so I created a second bucket list.

The second list includes all ideas that are okay for 2020 no matter what state you live in!

I tried to make them generic enough that they were things everyone can do, not just people who live in Kansas City like we do. If you want to use this one, you can get a free printable summer bucket list at the bottom of this post!

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  1. Go on a bike ride
  2. Build a fort
  3. Do a cartwheel
  4. Roll down a hill
  5. Bury your toes in the sand (preferably somewhere like Daytona Beach )
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Jump over the waves
  8. Build a sandcastle
  9. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  10. Eat a hot dog straight from the grill
  11. Have a water fight
  12. Play one of these outdoor water games
  13. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  14. Have a family board game tournament
  15. Go to a carnival
  16. Listen to an outdoor concert
  17. Go to a waterpark
  18. Do a cannonball
  19. Play in the sprinklers
  20. Watch fireworks
  21. Sit in a hammock
  22. Buy something at a garage sale
  23. Create your own lemonade stand (guests will love this strawberry lemonade )
  24. Eat a snow cone
  25. Go to some sort of festival
  26. Bake cookies and give them to someone else with these treat tags
  27. Make root beer floats
  28. Watch a movie on the big screen
  29. Go to a farmer’s market
  30. Get a temporary tattoo
  31. Make popsicles like these ocean blue ones with gummy sharks inside
  32. Watch early morning cartoons
  33. Snuggle in bed during a summer thunderstorm
  34. Have an indoor campout or if the weather cooperates, go camping and play these camping games
  35. Get books to read at the library
  36. Play kickball
  37. Swim in a lake
  38. Make homemade pizza
  39. Catch fireflies
  40. Watch a sunset
  41. Go on a picnic and a picnic scavenger hunt
  42. Go on a roadtrip (and take these roadtrip games with you!)
  43. Build a sand castle
  44. Learn something new
  45. Make something explode
  46. Go to an amusement park
  47. Dance it out
  48. Eat a funnel cake
  49. Volunteer somewhere
  50. Paint something
  51. Make one of these easy summer crafts
  52. Jump in puddles
  53. Make and play a backyard game
  54. Eat breakfast for dinner. These egg muffins with a hash brown crust are a family favorite!
  55. Go on a staycation
  56. Collect seashells
  57. Go ice blocking
  58. Stay up past midnight
  59. Pick berries (then use them for this strawberry poke cake !)
  60. Eat ice cream before it melts
  61. Make s’mores or s’mores bars if you don’t have access to a fire
  62. Have a water balloon fight
  63. Play beach ball volleyball
  64. Plant flowers
  65. Get a mosquito bite
  66. Eat corn on the cob
  67. Travel somewhere you’ve never been
  68. Go to a museum
  69. Find a dinosaur (maybe on this dinosaur hunt )
  70. Spend a day barefoot
  71. Lay on grass and look at the stars
  72. Drink ice cold lemonade
  73. Have a family slumber party
  74. Swing on the swings
  75. Go to a baseball game
  76. Send a postcard
  77. Go to a fair
  78. Go to camp or camping (and play these camping games )
  79. Hike a mountain
  80. Run a race
  81. Take a picture by a colored wall
  82. Make homemade ice cream
  83. Relax in a lazy river
  84. Ride a roller coaster
  85. Order pizza at the pool
  86. Buy a new pair of sandals (these Sanuks are my favorite)
  87. Go fishing
  88. Play frisbee
  89. Drink a tropical drink
  90. Go to a splash pad
  91. Sleep in
  92. Find a sunflower
  93. Float in a pool
  94. Wave a flag
  95. Try 12 flavors of ice cream (this sweet and salty ice cream is one of our favorites)
  96. Have a backyard BBQ (this summer bingo would be a fun addition)
  97. Go see a show (any of these Disney movies coming out this summer would be perfect)
  98. Find a double rainbow
  99. Play until the daylight is gone
  100. Play hopscotch outside.

Summer bucket list ideas for all ages

Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2020

Since I know things are a bit crazy right now and you may not be doing things like riding roller coasters and going to festivals, I put together a 2020 version of this summer bucket list as well! It replaces many of the actual activities in the list above with things you can do outdoors or from home.

For instance, making something tie-dye instead of riding a roller coaster. You can see the full 2020 summer bucket list below!

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List of 2020 summer bucket list ideas

How to Make Your Own Summer Bucket List

The best part about a bucket list is that it should be all your own. I’ve given you 100+ ideas of things to do this summer. Feel free to pick and choose from this list of summer bucket list ideas and create one that’s perfect for your own family!

And unlike my list, feel free to get specific. If there’s a place you want to eat, add that specific restaurant to your list.

There’s a blank printable included in the PDF below that you can use to create your own summer bucket list!

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More Summer Fun

Make sure to pin these summer bucket list ideas for later!

List of 2020 summer bucket list ideas