2020 Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Game

These Super Bowl commercial bingo cards are one of the best Super Bowl party games ever! Just print out the printables, hand out on Super Bowl Sunday, watch the funny (and not so funny commercials) and plays! One of our favorite Super Bowl party ideas!

One of our Super Bowl traditions every year is to play bingo during the commercials with these free printable Super Bowl commercial bingo cards. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved, even people who may not be the biggest football fans!

And Super Bowl bingo is definitely one of the most fun games out there! Just print out the cards, hand out to everyone, and enjoy the best commercials of the year!

A fun printable Super Bowl bingo game based on commercials


2020 Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

One of my all-time favorite Super Bowl party games to play during the year is Super Bowl commercial bingo. That and Super Bowl Squares . We started doing this four years ago, and it’s been a tradition ever since!

And I know it’s been a big hit with readers at Super Bowl parties, so I keep making new printable cards every year. And this year I made this fun Super Bowl guessing game you can play with this bingo!

I created printable bingo cards that have the names of brands and celebrities that are scheduled to appear in the 2020 Super Bowl commercials this year. Everything on the cards has been confirmed as of publish date on this post but if someone pulls out last minute, sorry!

I tried to mix things up a bit more this year, so there are about 40 different options that could be on each card rather than all of the cards having the exact same options, hopefully that’ll make it a bit less likely for people to bingo at once.

And just as a side note – the real photos in this post are from the 2018 bingo cards BUT the actual PDF cards that you can download are from 2020. I didn’t see the need to rephotograph everything – the only thing that changed are the words on the cards!

This Super Bowl Commercial bingo is one of the best Super Bowl party games ever! Perfect for for kids or adults!

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If you want more generic cards that might work better for kids, these football bingo cards fit the bill (perfect for playing after this football scavenger hunt ). Or if you still want commercial bingo but generic commercial (e.g., car, drink commercial, snack commercial) then try these ones instead.

20 free printable Super bowl bingo cards

Super Bowl Bingo Instructions

You’d think that Super Bowl bingo would be pretty self-explanatory, but I still get a lot of questions, so here are some clarifying rules for playing!

If you have more questions, feel free to leave comments, and I’ll do my best to answer. And honestly, it’s just a game so if you want to change things or make up your own rules, feel free!

Give everyone one of the Super Bowl bingo cards along with some markers. We love using things that are actually part of the commercials but this year there really isn’t a brand that’s a good fit (no M&M’s or Skittles), so I’d go with something easy like Cheerios, M&Ms, or uncooked beans.

Or buy these bingo markers you can reuse year after year!

Determine a couple of things before the game and make sure the entire group knows you’ve decided:

  • How many times can one person bingo? With large groups, I recommend once. With smaller groups, you could easily do 2-3 with small prizes.
  • How many bingos will you play total or will you play until everyone bingos once?
  • Once someone bingos, are they done playing or can they go for something like a blackout prize?

Once everyone has a card, the game is on.

How to Play Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

If you see or hear something on your card during one of the commercials, cover it up!

The key word is during the commercials – not during the game, halftime show, or the announcements – this is commercial bingo after all!

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Whoever covers five squares in a row (free football space can be included) and is the first to call out bingo wins a prize! If two people bingo at once, they both win prizes (make sure you have at least two prizes).

Five in a row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Or like I said – if you want to mix it up and say they have to get four corners or a specific shape, be my guest! It’s your party after all.

Printable Super Bowl bingo cards

Super Bowl Bingo Fine Print

Just a few more clarifying notes for things I’ve gotten questions on in the past about these Super Bowl bingo cards.

A brand name can only be covered when that brand is shown or said.

A celebrity can only be covered when that celebrity is shown or said.

Two or more squares can be covered during the same commercial as long as you see both the brand and the celebrity.

For instance, Chris Rock will be in Facebook’s commercial. You can cover both Chris Rock and Facebook on your card during that commercial assuming you’re paying attention.

If you don’t know who someone is on your card, I recommend looking it up beforehand. Or as the host, you could always print out pictures of the people on the cards and have them hanging up or around for people to look at to help them out. There are definitely a few people who I wouldn’t know right off the bat (but apparently they’re celebrities…).

Printable Super Bowl commercial bingo cards for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Bingo Prize Ideas

Since it’s bingo and not a big group thing like these Super Bowl minute to win it games , you can go a little more expensive on the prize. So instead of a bag of candy for instance, a gift card.

I’ve put down a handful of ideas that would be great bingo prizes, ranging from more expensive to not so expensive.

Print Out Your 2020 Super Bowl Cards

Before the party, all you need to do is print out the PDF document below, cut them into four bingo cards, and pass out a the party.

The free printable download below includes 20 unique cards customized to this year’s Super Bowl.

If you need more cards, I’ve created a set of 40 unique cards that you can purchase for a low price by clicking here .

If you need more even more than 40 cards, you can get a set of 80 here ! Or a set of 125 unique cards here !

Super Bowl commercial bingo cards

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Get the Printable Super Bowl Cards

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Don’t forget to pin these 2020 Super Bowl bingo cards for later!

These Super Bowl commercial bingo cards are one of the best Super Bowl party games ever! Just print out the printables, hand out on Super Bowl Sunday, watch the funny (and not so funny commercials) and plays! One of our favorite Super Bowl party ideas!