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This fun Christmas trivia game will become a new family favorite for all ages! Answer trivia questions, cover spaces on your printable game card, and try to be the first to completely decorate your tree!

Christmas kisses Christmas trivia game with Hershey

This year I’ve been trying to come up with fun and interactive Christmas party games that you can play both in person or virtual. So far I’ve shared some Christmas would you rather questions, a couple of Christmas bingo games (including Christmas music bingo !), and even a huge list of Christmas charades words for any age!

But this game – this Christmas trivia game is one of my new games that I am the most excited about. I think the printable game itself is cute. I love the concept. And I love that it works for any age AND any method of playing – virtual, in person, social distanced, you name it.

The basic idea is that you’ll ask a true or false Christmas trivia question (it is a Christmas trivia game after all). People have to answer it correct to cover up spaces on their card. First person to cover up the spaces wins! Kind of like a cross between Christmas bingo and Christmas trivia.


You don’t need a lot to play this game, which is why it should work for pretty much any group. Here’s what you do need.

  • Printable Christmas kisses boards – download at the end of the post, there are two to a sheet and you’ll need one per person. You can also get them in shop here .
  • True or false Christmas trivia questions – the file at the end of this post has 300 of those ready for you!
  • True or false cards – included in the file at the bottom of the post, you don’t necessarily need these, they just make it easier
  • Something to cover the spaces – the board is made to fit Hershey’s Kisses but you could also do pennies, bingo markers , or even just cross it off with a pen (unless you’re doing the more challenging version, then you need something to cover it with).
Supplies needed to play a Christmas trivia game

How to Set Up

Print out the trivia questions you want to use and cut them into strips. The green trivia pages are meant to be easier, orange are medium hard, and blue are the most challenging. These are obviously subjective but that was the intent.

They are ALL true or false questions though so you could really use all of them and it’s always a 50/50 shot. It just depends on how who you are playing with and how quickly you want them to complete the tree. I personally recommend a mixture of all of them.

Place the strips into a Christmas gift bag (no need to fold, just don’t look when you’re pulling them out).

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Print out a Christmas kisses tree card for everyone playing.

Get together 21 Hershey kisses per person playing. The trees are designed to perfectly fit Hershey’s kisses but also would work with pennies or you can just give people a pen and have them mark them off as they go if you’d rather not play with kisses.

Printed out Christmas trivia game card with questions nearby

How to Play

Give everyone playing a card and kisses/pennies/colored dots, or whatever you want to use, and a set of true and false cards. Or if you’d rather not use cards, you can use whatever you want so they can vote true or false for each question. True or false cards just work better when you’re doing this virtually.

If you’re doing this together in person, people could also just write T or F on a piece of paper (number the question).

Once everyone has their card and covering materials, pull out the first trivia question randomly from the bag. Here’s a small sample of what the trivia questions look like before cut.

The questions in the file at the bottom of this post also include the answers – TRUE or FALSE.

Questions for a Christmas trivia game

Give people 5-10 seconds to choose either true or false and place it face down in front of them (or write true/false) on a piece of paper.

Tell everyone the correct answer. If they get the answer correct, they can cover one of the spaces on their card with a kiss/penny/bingo marker.

Ask another question and do the exact same thing. Keep going until someone has covered their entire Christmas tree. I recommend a mix of difficulty questions so that everyone doesn’t get every question correct or you’ll end up with everyone completing their trees at once.


If you want to make the game longer and harder, any time that you get one correct add a kiss to the tree. Any time you get a question incorrect, remove one from the tree. You could also just do this for adults if you’re playing with various ages.

First person to fill in their tree wins some sort of fun prize! I’ve got a bunch of great prizes in this Christmas scavenger hunt post.

Christmas tree printable half covered with Hershey

Expert Tips

Keep things moving by asking and answering questions quickly. It’s true or false so people should be able to come up with their answer fast.

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Keep things cheap with paper markers . If you don’t want to do actual Hershey’s kisses, you can also do paper markers. The circles are .75″ each so if you get a 3/4 inch hole punch like this one, you can just punch a bunch of holes for people instead. Not as yummy but still doable.

Make it virtual by sending everyone a card to print at home then just ask the questions over a virtual call of some sort. Or leave them a cute bundle on their doorstep with a card and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

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Keep it fair for everyone if you’re playing with a variety of ages by using Christmas trivia game questions from all three difficulty levels. They’re still true or false questions so even the youngest kids have a chance of getting the answers correct.

Game FAQs

How many questions are there in this Christmas trivia game?

There are 300 trivia questions. The green pages are supposed to be easier, orange are a little more difficult, and blue questions are the most difficult out of all. There are some questions no one will get and some that everyone will get.

How many people can play?

The beauty of this game, like Christmas movie bingo, is that everyone can play – literally everyone! The number of people that play doesn’t matter as long as everyone gets their own card.

Can we just cross off the circles?

Instead of covering up the spaces, you can just cross of the circles as you get questions correct. Just know that if you do this, you can’t do the more challenging version of the game where you remove kisses if you get an answer incorrect.

What age can play this game?

If someone can choose true or false to answer a question, they can play this game. It’s great for any age.

Christmas trivia questions

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