Christmas Would You Rather Game

Would you rather have a red nose like Rudolph or be green like The Grinch? These fun Christmas would you rather questions will have everyone laughing as you try to decide between two sometimes silly Christmas themed choices!

Christmas would you rather questions in a pile

Today continues my series of fun Christmas games that work both virtually and in person! Earlier this week I shared Christas music bingo (so fun!), a Christmas carol game , and a few activities specifically for kids like a Christmas i-spy and a Christmas word search .

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This Christmas would you rather game is great for all ages because all you have to do is choose one of two options. And since everything on my blog is family-friendly (even these party games for adults ), the questions work great for kids through adults! It’s one of my new favorite Christmas games !

If you’ve never played the would you rather game before, it’s a pretty easy and fun one – you just ask questions and everyone chooses between the two answers. Some questions are more serious while others are just downright silly.

But make sure to read this entire post because while it can be that simple, I’ve put together a few ways to use these Christmas would you rather questions in different ways to make it even more fun!

Supplies Needed

Everything you need for this game is included in the downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post. Or you can get a copy in my shop here.

The PDF comes with over 50 printable Christmas would you rather questions plus instructions for playing (including my alternate more competitive versions).

It also includes just a printable list of all the questions if you’d rather not have the pretty cards.

Other than that, maybe just a prize or two if you’re going with one of the competitive game options below! If you need prize ideas, there are some great ones in this Christmas scavenger hunt post.

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How to Play

Most people know how to just ask and answer would you rather questions, but I’ve come up with three different ways to use these cards. The second and third option are better if you’re saying looking for more Christmas party games than just question and answer sessions.

We did the second option with our Thanksgiving would you rather questions and everyone had a blast!

#1 – Everyone answer

The first way to play is the one most people are probably familiar with. Simply pick out one of the questions and go around the room and have everyone choose their answer. Or pick just one person for each question and have them answer if you have too large of a group for everyone to answer.

These would be great for a virtual Christmas call/party, a classroom party with kids who like silly Christmas questions, or even as a family activity as part of one of these 25 days of Christmas activities challenge!

If you’re playing this in-person, you can also do this as a more active and interactive version. Ask the entire group the question. When you ask the question – point to one side of the room for the first answer option and the other side of the room for the other answer.

As soon as you’re done reading off the options, everyone has to quickly go to the side of the room that corresponds with the answer they choose. Then move onto the next question.

Or if you wanted to encourage people to chat with one another another, you could let people chat about why they chose the answer they did or just chat for a minute or two before moving onto the next question.

When you’re ready for the next question, have everyone go back to the center before reading off the next question.


#2 – Two-Person Challenge

The second way to play is my personal favorite because it tends to be the most funny of the versions since it forces people to answer on the spot. It’s how we played our New Year’s Eve would you rather game!

To play, split everyone into pairs. Then ask an individual pair a question and count to three. On the count of three, have them say their answer out loud. If they match answers, they get a point.

You’ll be surprised how often they don’t match answers simply because they’re trying to guess what the other person would guess at the same time!

You can then move onto the next pair or keep asking that pair questions until they don’t match a question, earning points for each question they match correctly.

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The pair with the most points at the end of the game wins!

#3 – Majority Match

Before you play, give everyone a piece of paper and a pen.

Ask the question and have people write down their answer – they are trying to guess what they think the majority will guess.

On the count of three have everyone flip over their answers. Anyone who matches the majority wins a point. Ask another question and do the same thing.

The person who has the most total points at the end of the game wins.

Christmas would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather have a red nose like Rudolph or be green like the Grinch?
  2. Would you rather meet Santa Claus or Frosty the Snowman?
  3. Would you rather get only a stocking for Christmas or only one present?
  4. Would you rather sing O Holy Night in public or dance in the Nutcracker?
  5. Would you rather go caroling or take cookies to your neighbors?
  6. Would you rather listen to Mariah Carey Christmas music on repeat all day or listen to Bing Crosby on repeat?
  7. Would you rather build a gingerbread house or decorate sugar cookies?
  8. Would you rather receive an experience gift or a subscription box?
  9. Would you rather get run over by a reindeer or visited by the ghost of Christmas past?
  10. Would you rather have Scrooge as your boss or Clark Griswold as your dad?
  11. Would you rather read ‘Twas the night before Christmas or the Christmas Story in the Bible on Christmas Eve?
  12. Would you rather spend Christmas at a cabin in the mountains or at the beach in the Caribbean?
  13. Would you rather go on a sleigh ride to Grandma’s house or roast chestnuts over an open fire?
  14. Would you rather go to a cookie exchange party or to an ugly sweater party?
  15. Would you rather eat all the chocolate out of an advent calendar in one night or drink an entire cup of hot cider without stopping?
  16. Would you rather do all your shopping at the mall the Saturday before Christmas or have to work on Christmas Eve?
  17. Would you rather visit Rockefeller Center’s tree lighting or go to midnight mass at the Vatican?
  18. Would you rather go to a live nativity or go shopping at a Christmas market?
  19. Would you rather attend a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert or go to a performance of The Nutracker?
  20. Would you rather pick out a gift for your boss or your mother-in-law?
  21. Would you rather buy gifts for everyone on your list or draw names of people to buy for?
  22. Would you rather make homemade snow globes or make glittery Christmas slime?
  23. Would you rather have your tongue frozen to a metal pole or have your boss cancel your holiday bonus?
  24. Would you rather assemble a swingset on your own or wrap everyone’s Christmas gifts?
  25. Would you rather get a new puppy for Christmas or video games?
  26. Would you rather have a white Christmas with snow or a warm Christmas at 70 degrees?
  27. Would you rather travel to Bethlehem while 9 months pregnant or give birth to a baby in a stable?
  28. Would you rather have peace on earth or goodwill to all men?
  29. Would you rather string popcorn for your Christmas tree or make cookies to leave out for Santa?
  30. Would you rather let kids hang all the ornaments on the tree or let kids put up all the outside Christmas lights?
  31. Would you rather hang a pickle on your Christmas tree or drink pickle juice for Christmas dinner?
  32. Would you rather organize a toy drive or organize a 12 days of Christmas for a family in need?
  33. Would you rather go ice skating with only shorts and a t-shirt on or walk 5 miles looking at Christmas lights?
  34. Would you rather go to the North Pole or to the Christmas markets in Europe?
  35. Would you rather do a white elephant gift exchange or do a secret Santa gift exchange?
  36. Would you rather have one massive Christmas tree or have four small Christmas trees?
  37. Would you rather spend the day doing Christmas crafts or taking holiday family photos?
  38. Would you rather watch It’s a Wonderful Life or Watch Miracle on 34th Street?
  39. Would you rather watch Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat all day or bake Christmas treats all day?
  40. Would you rather have your family accidentally leave you at home for Christmas or try to get through a bobby trapped house?
  41. Would you rather eat spaghetti topped with candy canes, candy corn, and syrup or eat a dozen chocolate covered cherries at once?
  42. Would you rather have to make all your gifts or have to buy all your gifts at a dollar store?
  43. Would you rather dress up like Santa Claus or dress up like an elf?
  44. Would you rather donate an entire paycheck to Toys for Tots or not get any presents for Christmas?
  45. Would you rather get your eye shot out with a BB-gun or get into a fight with a mall Santa?
  46. Would you rather be the attorney who has to prove that Santa is the real Santa or have to buy all of your gifts at the Dollar Store?
  47. Would you rather take a ride on the Polar Express or celebrate Christmas morning in Who-Ville?
  48. Would you rather wear a pink bunny suit all day shopping on Christmas Eve or wait in line for 8 hours to get the hottest Christmas toy?
  49. Would you rather have Gizmo for a pet that might turn into a gremlin or have a snowman friend who melts when it gets warm?
  50. Would you rather celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts or Christmas with the Peanuts gang on Charlie Brown?
  51. Would you rather have your music stop in the middle of a Christmas dance performance or have one of your Christmas lights burn out on top of the roof?
  52. Would you rather get proposed to on Christmas Eve or get married on Christmas Day?

Game Tips

Couple this would you rather game with an active game like these Christmas minute to win it games to keep everyone entertained and engaged during your Christmas celebration!

Laminate the cards and save them to have out at your Christmas party every year.

Pair couples together if you are playing the trying to get a match version of the game for even more fun. It turns into kind of a compatibility game! Anyone who isn’t coupled up can be partnered together with each other. Or partner one kid + adult to level the playing field.

Take turns reading the questions. Print out the cards (rather than the list) and go around the room picking a card and asking the question on it. This keeps everyone more engaged since they get to read.

Let kids (or anyone else) come up with their own questions for added fun. When we were doing this as one of our Thanksgiving games , I’d ask a question then let one of the kids ask their made-up question. That way maybe their favorite part!

Game FAQs

Do you have any more would you rather questions?

I have all sorts of different would you rather questions. Thanksgiving would you rather , Harry Potter would you rather , Disney would you rather , and even New Year’s Eve would you rather !

How do I download the questions?

Fill out the pink form at the bottom of this post with your first name and email. The questions will be emailed to you within minutes. Or you can get a copy in my shop here.

How many people can play would you rather?

Would you rather is a game that’s great for any size of group. Play with just one person by simply asking each other questions and answering. Play with a larger group by asking one person each question or playing one of the alternative game options I mentioned above.

How long does a would you rather game take?

A would you rather game can take as much or as little time as you want – just plan the number of questions you want to ask based on how much time you have to play. Asking everyone to answer a question will take longer than if just one or two people answer.

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Christmas would you rather questions