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These Harry Potter trivia questions are great for Harry Potter fans to test their knowledge of their favorite characters, fight scenes, and potions!

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Harry Potter Trivia

My son is getting to the age where we’re about to start reading Harry Potter together as a family. And next week we’ll be playing some of these Harry Potter games to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday as a family!

Since I have lots of friends and readers who are huge Harry Potter fans, I thought it would be fun to create some Harry Potter trivia questions to test both the basic fans and the true fans. Unlike this Harry Potter danger word game , you actually need to know the trivia question answers.

I’ve created two different sets of questions – one with questions that are great for kids or a Harry Potter party and one that are more challenging, even for huge Harry Potter fans!

I’ve also created two different versions of the trivia questions – a full-sheet trivia game you can print and play or trivia cards you can print and just have out for people to ask each other.

And if trivia isn’t your thing, you might want to try these Harry Potter would you rather questions or maybe a little Harry Potter charades instead!


This is trivia so you really don’t need much to play. All you’ll need is:

  • Trivia sheet or cards – get them at the bottom of this post
  • Pens for people to fill out the trivia sheets
  • Prizes (optional)

How to Play

These are just a few fun ways you could use these trivia questions with friends! There are tons more so feel free to use them however makes the most sense for you!

Game #1 – Individual Trivia

Okay so this is the most basic way to do this and perfect for something like a Harry Potter party.

Print out a trivia sheet for everyone playing and give them a sheet and a pen. Set a timer and let people answer as many questions as they can in the allotted time.

Go over the answers together and whoever gets the most questions correct wins a prize.

Game #2 – Team Trivia

Now let’s talk about doing something like a Harry Potter trivia night (or along with any of these movie night ideas ) where players play in teams.

Split into teams and give everyone a blank piece of paper and a pen and make sure teams are far enough away from each other that teams can freely discuss answers without being overheard.

Pick one of the trivia question cards and read the question to the group. Give everyone a set amount of time to answer on their sheet of paper then announce the correct answer.

Teams earn one point for each correct answer. Keep going through as many questions as you’d like (I recommend 20-25 total) and the team with the most total points wins.

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Game #3: Race to Be Right

This type of Harry Potter trivia might be best at a party or when you don’t necessarily want people to be tied down to trivia questions for a set amount of time.

Instead simply announce that you’ll be asking trivia questions throughout the night and the first person to run up to you with the correct answer will win a small prize!

Or give out points for correct answers and whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins a prize!


If you’re playing the race up to you trivia game, you could give out Bertie Bott’s jelly beans to individuals who answer.

If you’re giving out one prize to the winning individual, one of these would make a great gift! You could also do a combination of these for a Harry Potter themed gift basket the team could divide!

Expert Tips

Make some rules at the beginning of the game and make sure everyone knows what they are. Things like what the time limit will be per question, no cell phones/ask a friend allowed, and how lenient you will or will not be on answers.

Laminate the trivia cards if you think you’ll use the cards again. I laminate most of my party games and keep them in a box so I can pull them out again and again.

Intermix the difficulty (aka use some easy and some challenging questions) if you’re doing a team style trivia game so that even if someone on the team isn’t a huge Harry Potter fan, they can still participate.

Set a limit to how many questions an individual can answer if you’re doing the race to be right game. I typically do like 10 questions and say that people can only answer one question and win one prize to give others a shot.

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Game FAQs

Can I play this with a large group?

Yes – the beauty of these Harry Potter trivia questions is that you can use them to play with as small or as large of a group as you’d like!

Can I play if I’ve never read the books?

Yes! I included simple questions as well as more challenging ones, and all of the questions are based on the movies.

Can I play if I know nothing about Harry Potter?

I mean yes you can still play but you may have a hard time answering the questions since they’re all Harry Potter based.

Which Hogwarts house would you be in?

As much as I’d like to think I’d be in Gryffindor, according to Buzzfeed I’m actually more Hufflepuff because of loyalty to friends. So I guess we’ll go with that!

Do you have a version that takes less ink?

Yes! There is a white background version included with the PDF download at the bottom of this post. Same questions, just white background compared to the yellow if you want to save ink.

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  • One full-sheet PDF with all of the hard question answers
  • 3 full-sheet pages of trivia cards that combine the easy and hard
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