Free Printable Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

Star Wars scavenger hunt clues Star Wars scavenger hunt clues Star Wars scavenger hunt clues Star Wars scavenger hunt clues Star Wars scavenger hunt clues

May the force be with you as you follow the clues on this Star Wars scavenger hunt! It’s a hunt full of riddles using popular Star Wars quotes making it perfect for any Star Wars fan, young or old!

Star Wars scavenger hunt clues

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With May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day, just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make a Star Wars themed scavenger hunt for my Star Wars loving 7-year-old. I’m guessing it’ll be one of his new favorite Star Wars Day party ideas !

And let’s be honest, for my Star Wars loving husband as well. I honestly think he’ll get just as much of a kick out of this Star Wars scavenger hunt as my son with the way I made the clues.

Unlike some of my other scavenger hunt ideas where I just came up with random clues and ideas, these ones use popular Star Wars quotes and characters throughout the clues.

That’s why it’s fun for all ages – kids will love that it’s a scavenger hunt and fans of the movies will get a kick out of picking out the famous quotes!

And me? I just had fun reliving all of the best moments in the Star Wars movies as I searched for quotes.

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt Supplies

You won’t need much for this scavenger hunt. All you’ll need is:

    • Scavenger hunt clues – get the free printable ones at the bottom of this posts
    • Pen – use it to write where each clue goes on the back so you don’t forget the order
    • Tape – I recommend painter’s tape if any of these will get taped on the walls, otherwise regular tape works just fine
    • Small prize – this is optional, but I always like to put a small prize, treat, or some other surprise at the end of the hunt

In case you need ideas, I’ve included a bunch of Star Wars scavenger hunt prize ideas at the very bottom of this post.

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Star Wars scavenger hunt clues and a toy

How to Do This Scavenger Hunt

I’ve already created all the clues for you so setting up this scavenger hunt is super easy! Just print, hide, and play!

1 – Print out the clues.

Download the printable scavenger hunt clues at the bottom of this post then cut them out.

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As you’re cutting, I recommend writing on the back of the clue where the particular clue is going to be hid (not where it leads).

So for instance, if something leads to the door, I would write “door” on the back of the clue after that one.

A bunch of Star Wars scavenger hunt clues

2 – Hide your clues.

I’ve included a list below where each clue leads and where clue should be hid. Simply hide them in their correct places around the house. And I recommend like any of these Easter egg hunts , hiding them based on the skill level of who is doing the hunt!

All of the clues lead to places that should be universal enough that everyone will have them in their house. If not, just skip a clue and move onto the next one.

  1. Clue 1 = leads to a door | this will be your starting clue
  2. Clue 2 = leads to somewhere you’d wash with soap (bathroom, bathtub) | place this clue at the door
  3. Clue 3 = leads to where you keep games | place this clue in the bathroom/bathtub
  4. Clue 4 = leads to dining room table | place this clue with your games
  5. Clue 5 = leads to a car | place on your dining room table
  6. Clue 6 = leads to a dishwasher (or kitchen sink) | place in a car
  7. Clue 7 = leads to a dryer | place in dishwasher
  8. Clue 8 = leads to a bed | place in dryer
  9. Clue 9 = leads to someone’s phone | place in bed
  10. Clue 10 = leads to a shower | place near someone’s phone
  11. Clue 11 = leads to where shoes go when taken off | place in shower
  12. Clue 12 = leads to TV room/media room | place where shoes are left

A Star Wars scavenger hunt clue

3 – Hide your prize.

The prize in this particular scavenger hunt will be hidden somewhere that you would watch Star Wars movies as a family.

For us that might be behind the couch in the living room or upstairs in our media room. For you that might be in the master bedroom under the covers or wherever you watch movies.

If it’s somewhere that’s a bit more out in the open, a blanket and some pillows work wonders for covering a prize! Or if you need to add one more little note that leads somewhere else, feel free!

4 – Start the hunt.

Give whoever is going on the hunt their first clue. They’ll read it and be on their way, finding clues all around the house, until they get to the surprise at the end!

And I’m warning you, this may only have taken you a few minutes to setup – but I promise it’ll take them even less time to get through it! I know my son in particular races from one clue to the next!

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Clue for a Star Wars scavenger hunt

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt Prizes

I promised a list of fun Star Wars themed prizes so you here go!

I’ve included ones that are a bit bigger if you’re doing this say as a birthday scavenger hunt as well as smaller ones that you could use if you were doing this with a bunch of kids as one of a few Star Wars party games.

And I’ve also included a few bigger prizes that work better for adults/teens just in case you’re doing this for the older Star Wars fans, not the kids! If you need more ideas, these DIY Star Wars gifts could also be good!

Download the Star Wars Scavenger Hunt

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Star Wars scavenger hunt riddles and toys

More Fun Star Wars Ideas

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Star Wars scavenger hunt clues