Halloween Charades Ideas & Other Games

Printable list of Halloween charades words for kids and adults! Over 100 different Halloween themed words that are easy to guess and funny to act out! Everything from Halloween movies to just regular words for a classroom party!

Add a little fun to your next Halloween party with these three Halloween charades ideas! With charades words for kids and adults, these games will have everyone getting in on the fun!

Printable list of Halloween charades words for kids and adults! Over 100 different Halloween themed words that are easy to guess and funny to act out! Everything from Halloween movies to just regular words for a classroom party!

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Halloween Charades

My family is a big fan of games that get you up and moving – even better if it’s something you can do as a team or big group.

I love playing Halloween games at my parties and Halloween charades is always a fan favorite, especially when you mix things up and don’t just stick with traditional charades! You could even get a bit more specific and try Harry Potter charades !

Here are five different Halloween charades ideas (plus four bonus ways to use the Halloween charades words) and at the bottom of this post, get an entire set of charades game cards perfect for any fall party !

Want to see these games in action? Check out the video in this post to see how fun they can be for the entire family!

Halloween charades words in a hand

Halloween Charades Supplies

For any of the games below, you’re going to need:

  • Electronic timer like this one (I prefer this to a sand timer because you can change the amount of time for each game)
  • Charades words (get the printable cards below)
  • Bag, bowl, or box to put the cards in
  • White poster board (for keeping score)
  • Permanent marker (for keeping score)

1 – Traditional Halloween Charades

This version of charades is your standard, run of the mill, charades game – just with Halloween related words.

Split into two teams. Pick one team to go first. Pick one player from that team to go first.

When you say go, the player has to pick a word, act it out, and try to get their team to guess it before the timer runs out. No talking, singing, or words – just acting.

Players can do things like “sounds like,” by pointing to their ear, show that it’s a movie by rolling a movie camera film, and tell you the number of words by using fingers on hands.

Keep playing until each team has gone a set number of times. The team who guesses the most words wins.

Girl in tutu playing Halloween charades

2 – Reverse Halloween Charades

Reverse charades is one of my all-time favorite party games for adults , but it’s really great for any age!

Reverse charades works the exact same way as the traditional charades game above with no difference – instead of the entire team guessing while one person acts, one person guesses while the entire team acts together to guess the word.

Keep playing until each person on each team has had the chance to be the guesser. The team with the most words guessed correctly wins.

Note: For either of the games above, you can also just do a speed round where you keep going through words trying to get the team to guess as many as possible in the timer, rather than trying to get them to guess one word within the time limit.

You can always just buy the game too and pull out any cards related to Halloween!

Team playing reverse Halloween charades Playing Halloween charades as a team

3 – Pop Culture Halloween Charades

Now things are getting a little tougher. Instead of having regular Halloween charades words like witch, pumpkin, and trick or treat – the list of words includes only titles of Halloween movies and songs. That list is also included in the downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post!

This game is still played the same way but it’s better for adults who will likely have seen or heard most of these songs and movies.

Feel free to dance (hello Thriller!), snap, clap, and point to things in the room to help make it easier for your team to guess. You’ll also want to get good at telling your team if it’s a movie or a song as soon as you get started.

Not sure people will be able to act our songs but still like the idea of having Halloween musical fun, try this Halloween name that tune game instead!

Halloween charades game cards Wolverine acting out Halloween charades Pikachu laughing during charades game

4 – Character Charades

Since Halloween is all about dressing up and acting like different characters, this charades game is just that – charades in character.

When it’s your turn to go, choose not only a charades word (e.g., pumpkin) but also a character (e.g., witch).

When you act out the word, you have to act out the word in a way that allows people to guess the word and your character. So if you really did get pumpkin and witch, you might fly around on a broom to pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.

To win the round, they must guess both your character and your charades word.

I’ve included a page of basic characters in the charades game PDF at the bottom of this post as well.

A spider playing Halloween charades

5 – Monster Movie Match

If you have a group that really likes movies, try out this movie monster charades game . Players have to act like the star monster from a movie to get teams to guess the movie.

Zombie playing Halloween charades

Looking for more Fun Halloween Games?


Other Games to Play with Halloween Charades Words

You’ve got all of these great Halloween charades game cards – what else can you do with them? Here are three other games you can play a Halloween version of, using just the charades words you already have!

1 – Catch Phrase

If you’ve never played Catch Phrase , you’re missing out. It’s my family’s go-to game because it’s easy to learn, a quick game, and easy for pretty much everyone. Well unless English is your second language, that makes it a bit tough but still doable.

In Catch Phrase, you get a word and instead of acting it out, you have to describe it in any way you can (without using the word on the card) to get your team to guess it.

Split into two teams and sit in a circle – alternating members of different teams. Use the timer from the actual Catch Phrase game or download the Phrase Party app and use their timer to make sure the timer is random.

When you start the timer, the first person reads a card and tries to get their team to guess the word on the card. When they do, hand the cards to the next person in the circle and they try. Keep going around the circle until the buzzer goes off. Whichever team has the cards when the buzzer goes off loses that round and the other team gets a point.

First team to seven points wins.

You can also just buy the actual game here if you want to use their buzzer (and have the game).

Playing a Halloween game of Catch Phrase Playing Halloween catch phrase game

2 – How Do You Doo

Another one of my favorite party games, especially if you have people who like music.

office party games for christmas

The basic idea if that you will use the Halloween song cards and instead of having to act out the cards, people have to get up and sing the song using only the word Doo. Full instructions on this game here .

Man in costume playing Halloween charades

3 – Pictionary

Pictionary is a perfect alternative to charades if you want to do something where people can sit down. It’d work great if you need Halloween games for seniors or have multiple generations at your party.

Instead of acting out the words on the cards, whoever’s turn it is must draw the word. You could use all the cards (movies, songs, and all) or just the regular Halloween charades cards! Just decide based on who will be there and the difficulty level you want to go with.

Download the Halloween Charades Words

Enter your first name and email address below to download the free PDF file of Halloween charades words (over 100+ words).

Or if you’d prefer to not provide your email, you can get a copy of the charade cards in my shop here.

There are three different types of cards included in the PDF:

  • Regular Halloween words (e.g., pumpkin, haunted house, trick or treat)
  • Pop Culture Halloween words (e.g., Addams Family, Thriller)
  • Character cards (e.g., witch, Frankenstein, zombie)

Print out the cards, cut them out, and put them into a bowl or bag of some sort. Just make sure it’s something that you can get the cards out easily. If you think you’ll play charades (or any of these other games) again, I recommend laminating before you cut. I use this laminator with these laminating sheets – super easy!

If you don’t see the form below, click here to get to it .

And since I know some of you would rather save paper and ink, I’ve also included a PDF document of the words that’s not as pretty – just cut and print. Same words, just different format. A link to that document will be included in the email – so make sure to check your email!

Halloween Charades words

Other Halloween Party Games

Other Halloween Party Ideas

Don’t forget to pin these Halloween charades words for later!

Printable list of Halloween charades words for kids and adults! Over 100 different Halloween themed words that are easy to guess and funny to act out! Everything from Halloween movies to just regular words for a classroom party!