Printable You’ve Been Booed Signs and Halloween Boo Ideas

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Want to boo your neighbors? These free printable you’ve been booed signs are perfect for a little Halloween boo fun with a creative rhyming twist!


Rhyming Fun

I love giving creative gifts and surprises to friends, family, neighbors, strangers – you name it, and I love doing it!

football themed games for adults

I’ve already shared out of the blue gifts , orange gifts , and of course just because gifts . I like my gifts!

So I’m a huge fan of the Halloween boo your neighbor activity, especially this year because it’s easy to do while physically distanced from others. Plus, it’s a great way to do something fun for your neighbors!

I put together boo buckets with my son a few years ago for some his friends (we didn’t know our neighbors) and his friends loved it so much that we’ve done it every year since.

Like this Halloween scavenger hunt and Halloween Family Feud , it’s just become a Halloween tradition!

This year I thought it would be fun to put my own rhyming twist on our Halloween boo baskets with a printable You’ve Been Booed poem. Because reading a rhyme (hello Dr. Seuss books) is way more fun than just a numbered list of instructions.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning!

Halloween Boo FAQs

What is a Halloween Boo?

A Halloween Boo is basically a Halloween surprise treat or gift you give your neighbors, along with a gift tag that encourages them to pay it forward so to speak. I’ve included tons of Halloween boo ideas at the bottom of this post to get you started!

How do you boo someone on Halloween?

Print out the you’ve been booed tags at the bottom of this post (two different designs), put together a Halloween treat, and drop them off with the tags, anonymously to a couple of your neighbors.

How does you’ve been booed work?

One person starts the you’ve been booed activity in a neighborhood by secretly giving 2-3 of their neighbors a Halloween boo basket with a you’ve been booed poem (get my free one below!).

Then those people do the same to 2 of their neighbors who have not yet been booed. It keeps going until hopefully the entire neighborhood gets booed!

What do you do when you’ve been booed?

If you’ve been booed, read the instructions on the tags in your gift and do whatever they say. Make copies of the tag (or print the ones at the bottom of this post), make your own Halloween boo gifts, and give it to neighbors who haven’t been booed.

Oh and don’t forget to put the included we’ve been booed sign in your door so your neighbors know you’ve already been booed!

When should I start booing my neighbors?

I recommend starting in October sometime, especially if you want it to have time to get around the entire neighborhood. Plus, if you’re giving things that they’ll want to use for Halloween (e..g, decorations), it’s best to start early.

When is too late to boo my neighbors?

Never! Okay fine, after Halloween might be too late but you can totally boo your neighbors whenever you want. Just realize that the closer to Halloween it is, the less likely people are to continue the trend.

What do you put in a boo basket?

A boo basket can be full of treats, Halloween games , toys, activities, or anything else Halloween related. I’ve got a huge list of Halloween boo ideas below!

You’ve Been Booed Sign

I’ve seen a ton of you’ve been booed signs out there that are all very similar. They have a cute Halloween design and instructions for how to boo someone, what to do next, etc.

I decided because people loving all of my rhyming scavenger hunt ideas so much that I’d change it up for these you’ve been booed signs.

They still say more or less the same thing (make copies, add the sign to your window, boo your neighbors, etc.), just in a more fun and creative rhyming poem way. Because that’s just my style.


Speaking of style – I designed ones with more color because I like them that way but the printable in this post also has ones that have a white background for less ink!

White you

The we’ve been booed signs match or at least look like they came from the same set!

Oh and p.s., I specifically put the URL for this post on the tags so that your neighbors can just come and print them from here to keep the fun going! Way easier than actually trying to make copies!


I hope you all love them and use them with your neighbors to change things up this year!

If you do, make sure to tag me on Instagram @playpartyplan or use the hashtag #playpartyplan so I can see how you’re using the signs!

Halloween Boo Ideas

Okay now it’s time for the fun part – different Halloween boo ideas. I think there’s a misconception that if you’ve been booed that you have to go all out with your boo gifts.

Not true at all, it’s just the thought that counts in this case.

I’ve put together three different examples below of different Halloween boo gifts – from the more expensive to a simple bag with some treats inside.

And some fun ideas for things to put in boo gifts by category to get you started if you’re stuck on ideas.

So grab a bag, a basket, a bucket, a bowl, a pumpkin, a witch’s cauldron, or even just something orange, black, purple, or green and get to booing!


Grab inexpensive buckets, bags, and baskets from Target dollar spot when you see them – not when you get booed – and just keep them on hand for activities like this!

1 – Things to Do Halloween Boo

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love games activities. So I’m starting with a family activity boo basket!

Simply fill it with games and activities that families could enjoy during the Halloween season or all year long. Things like coloring books, stickers, and games!

Spiderweb basket filled with Halloween books, games, and a you

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween themed activity ideas:

Something wicked game, coloring books, and more Halloween activities

2 – Trick or Treat and Things to Eat

This is typically what you’ll most often find in a Halloween boo basket – a combination of little toys and treats.

It’s definitely the least expensive route but it’s kind of fun to do something different, especially since Halloween means tons of treats anyway!

Black and orange polka dotted bag with a you

But if you do want to go this route, here are some of my favorite things to add to your basket that are a bit unique at least!


3 – Haunted House Halloween Boo

This type of Halloween boo is going to be full of things that the people can use around their house during Halloween season.

This likely works better for families that don’t necessarily have young kids – or if they do, do a combination of things from this list and another one!

This one might seem like a more expensive option but hear me out. Dollar Tree, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and so many other stores often have really affordable holiday decor. I’ve picked up so many different things in the Target dollar, okay - spot, that I’ve used throughout the years.

So it doesn’t have to be the most expensive at all!! Grab a few bigger items (big doesn’t mean pricey), add some treats, and you’re golden!


A few things that would go great in this basket!

Home sweet haunted home sign, pumpkin lights, and a you

Other Halloween Boo Ideas

If none of those work, here are some other themes you could try out for this year’s Halloween boo!

  • Ghost theme – things like marshmallows, ghost peeps, Ghostbusters, ghost toys, etc.
  • Fa-boo-lous – a gift full of beauty supplies, jewelry, pampering supplies, etc.
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – a Disney themed Halloween or princess themed basket
  • Boo Boo Basket – first aid kit, Halloween themed tissues and sanitizer, band-aids, popsicles, etc.

More Halloween Activities

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  • Full sheet white “you’ve been booed sign”
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  • Four to a page white “you’ve been booed sign”
  • Full sheet colored “we’ve been booed sign”
  • Full sheet white “we’ve been booed sign”
  • Four to a page colored “we’ve been booed sign”
  • Four to a page white ‘we’ve been booed sign”
  • One sheet that includes two colored “you’ve been booed,” and two colored “we’ve been booed” signs
  • One sheet that includes two white “you’ve been booed” and two white “we’ve been booed” signs


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