Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

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After you fill up on turkey, ask these Thanksgiving would you rather questions for some laughs, hard decisions, and easy conversation! It’s a fun Thanksgiving game to play with the entire family!

A set of printed out Thanksgiving would you rather questions

If your family is anything like mine, you’ll spend the morning cooking a full Thanksgiving feast. Everything from the mashed potatoes to sausage stuffing , pumpkin crunch cake , and more!

Then you’ll all eat, watch a little football (maybe even football bingo ), take a nap, maybe even play a little football. Parents will chat, kids will get bored and try and come up with some fun Thanksgiving games to play.

This Thanksgiving would you rather game is the perfect game to play during any of that – while you eat, while you’re just hanging out, while you’re resting on the couch after all that turkey.

It’s super easy to play, great for all ages (although a few of the questions might go over the kids’ heads), and something you can start and stop whenever you feel like it.

It’s one of our new favorite Thanksgiving activities !

Get Ready to Play

One of the reasons we love asking would you rather questions as a family is because it’s a game that takes really no preparation at all.

Simply print out the cards (or the one-page sheet) with all the questions listed. And you’re done, all ready to play whenever you need some entertainment.

Like last week during our neighborhood Halloween party, I literally just pulled up my website and starting asking these Halloween would you rather questions during a lull in the games and the kids loved it!

The only other thing you might want are some Thanksgiving themed prizes for the winners. I’ve got a huge list of prize ideas in this Thanksgiving scavenger hunt post that would work well!

A hand holding three Thanksgiving would you rather questions

How to Play

There are a couple of different ways that you can use these Thanksgiving would you rather questions. All three ways are super simple, just choose whichever one works best for your group and the activity level you’re looking for.

#1 – Everyone answer

The first way to play is the most traditional. Simply pick out one of the questions and go around the room and have everyone choose their answer. Or pick one person for each question and have them answer.

This is a fun thing to do while you’re eating Thanksgiving dinner, like after you say the things you’re grateful for or play this Skittles gratitude game .

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You can also this in a more active, interactive way, if you want to get some wiggles out with the kids!

This is the version I most often play when I’m playing with just the kids or kids and teens. In this version, you’ll be asking the entire group the question. When you ask the question – point to one side of the room for the first answer option and the other side of the room for the other answer.

As soon as you’re done reading off the options, everyone has to quickly go to the side of the room that corresponds with the answer they choose. You’d then move onto the next question.

Or if you wanted to encourage chatting and people getting to know one another, you could let people chat about why they chose the answer they did or just chat for a minute or two before moving onto the next question.

When you’re ready for the next question, have everyone go back to the center before reading off the next question.

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#2 – Two-Person Challenge

The second way to play is my personal favorite because it tends to be the most hilarious of the versions. It’s how we played our New Year’s Eve would you rather game!

To play, split everyone into pairs. Then ask an individual pair a question and count to three. On the count of three, have them say their answer out loud. If they match answers, they get a point.

You can then move onto the next pair or keep asking that pair questions until they don’t match a question, earning points for each question they match correctly.

You can also do this kind of like an egg toss where when you count to three, all of the pairs say their answer out loud and try to match each other, rather than doing one at a time. This just means that not everyone gets to watch other people answer the questions, which is one of the funniest parts of all!

No matter which way you choose to play, the pair with the most points at the end of the game would win.

#3 – Majority Match

Before you play, give everyone a piece of paper and a pen.

Ask the question and have people write down their answer. Then on the count of three everyone has to flip over their answer.

Anyone who matches the majority wins a point. Ask another question and do the same thing.

The person who has the most total points at the end of the game wins.

A hand holding up a Thanksgiving would you rather question card

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

  1. Be on the Dallas Cowboys or be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?
  2. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or watch one of the NFL football games?
  3. Eat turkey every day for the rest of your life or never have potatoes again?
  4. Never celebrate Thanksgiving again or prepare a full Thanksgiving feast every month for the rest of your life?
  5. Drink apple cider with gravy in it or drink hot chocolate with cranberry sauce?
  6. Shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  7. Have Thanksgiving dinner at Home or eat at a Chinese buffet?
  8. Play football or go to a movie
  9. Eat pumpkin pie with whipped cream or warm apple pie with ice cream?
  10. Eat sweet potatoes with marshmallows or topped with brown sugar and pecans?
  11. Cancel Thanksgiving or Halloween
  12. Dress like a pilgrim or a turkey?
  13. Walk around with a pocket full of stuffing for a day or mashed potatoes?
  14. Eat a tofu turkey or oyster stuffing
  15. Sit at the kid’s table or talk politics at the adults table?
  16. Go on a turkey hunt or cut the head off a chicken?
  17. Eat a pizza or taco made with leftover turkey
  18. Stand in line for 3 hours to get a TV for 75% off stand in line for five minutes to get a TV for 25% off?
  19. Run in a turkey trot or do a polar bear plunge?
  20. Spend Thanksgiving or Christmas Day all alone?
  21. Attend the Macy’s or the Rose Bowl parade?
  22. Butcher your own turkey or skip turkey that year?
  23. Celebrate with the Adamm’s Family or the Kardashians
  24. Put up your Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving or have a holiday movie marathon?
  25. Spend Thanksgiving on a cruise or at Disney World
  26. Eat Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle from friends or eat Molly Weasley’s brussels sprouts with chestnuts?
  27. Pull the wishbone if you knew only the person who won would have their wish granted or skip pulling the wishbone and take the chance that your wish will come true?
  28. Take a nap or take a walk after eating?
  29. Cook the entire meal or do all the dishes?
  30. Attend a gathering of 4 people or a huge one with 20 or more?
  31. Give a Thanksgiving toast or say the prayer on the meal
  32. Burn the rolls or forget the sugar in the pumpkin pie?
  33. Run around with a raw turkey on your head or peel 20 lbs of mashed potatoes?
  34. Get your own cranberries from a cranberry bog or pick apples for apple pie from an apple orchard?
  35. March in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the snow or play in a turkey bowl in 100 degree weather?
  36. Make an entire Thanksgiving feast for the homeless or organize a canned food drive?
  37. Set the kids table with fine china and nice glasses or put someone who doesn’t cook in charge of the turkey?
  38. Drink flat sparkling cider or cold hot chocolate?
  39. Spend an hour writing thank you cards to friends or spend an hour listening to family members say what they’re grateful for?
  40. Would you rather be a dog trainer at the National Dog show or an NFL referee?
  41. Spend the night in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin or spend the night watching Hallmark movies?
  42. Run out of food before everyone gets some or be forced to throw away anything you don’t eat?
  43. Have a hitchhiker join your family for Thanksgiving or eat Thanksgiving dinner where you don’t know anyone else?
  44. Eat a deep fried turkey or drink frozen apple cider?
  45. Have to write a list of 1000 things that you’re grateful for or write a list of all your extended family members in front of them?
  46. Eat mashed potatoes with unknown lumps (not potatoes) or eat jello salad full of whatever your relatives put in it?
  47. Peel all the yams for the sweet potato casserole or cut all the onions for the stuffing?
  48. Replace your Thanksgiving dinner with Super Bowl appetizers or with Christmas breakfast food?
Printed out Thanksgiving would you rather questions

Game Tips

Couple this would you rather game with an active game like these Thanksgiving minute to win it games to keep everyone entertained and engaged during Thanksgiving!

fun outdoor games to play

Laminate the cards and save them to have out at your Thanksgiving celebration every year.

Pair couples together if you are playing the trying to get a match version of the game for even more fun. It turns into kind of a compatibility game! Anyone who isn’t coupled up can be partnered together with each other.

Take turns reading the questions. Print out the cards (rather than the list) and go around the room picking a card and asking the question on it. It gets everyone involved in the question asking and in the answering rather than you as the host being responsible for asking all the questions.

Let kids (or anyone else) come up with their own questions for added fun. When we were doing this as one of our Halloween games, I’d ask a question then let one of the kids ask their made-up question. That way maybe their favorite part!

Game FAQs

Do you have any more would you rather questions?

Yes, I have would you rather questions for all sorts of different themes and occasions! From Disney would you rather to a Harry Potter would you rather game . Find all of my would you rather questions here .

How do I download the questions?

Fill out the pink form at the bottom of this post with your first name and email. The questions will be emailed to you within minutes. Otherwise, you can buy a copy of the questions from my shop here.

How many people can play would you rather?

Would you rather is a game that’s great for any size of group. Play with just one person by simply asking each other questions and answering. Play with a larger group by asking one person each question or playing one of the alternative game options I mentioned above.

How long does a would you rather game take?

Would you rather takes just as long as you want it to. Ask one question to the group, ask 25 questions. It’s up to you how much time you want to fill!

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