Whole 30 Meal Plan: Week 1

A great Whole 30 meal plan for anyone on the Whole 30 diet

This Whole 30 meal plan is perfect for anyone who is following the Whole 30 diet and looking for great Whole 30 recipes. With a meal plan full of delicious Whole 30 breakfasts, dinners, and even lunches – this Whole 30 food plan will make doing the Whole 30 program easy! And don’t forget the printable Whole 30 shopping list that will make shopping for all of these Whole 30 recipes simple!

A great Whole 30 meal plan for anyone on the Whole 30 diet

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The Whole 30 Diet

I recently finished the Whole 30 program with my family. If you know nothing about Whole 30, this book has a ton of great info and this website has even more! The basis idea is that for 30 days you cut out a ton of things and then start adding them back in once you’ve finished the 30 days.

No sugar. No dairy. No grains. And so on. It’s not necessarily known to be the biggest weight loss diet but more about retraining your body and feeling better. And for me, that’s huge. Weight loss would be awesome but I’m really going for retraining my body how to eat and how to feel better.

You can check out my family’s Whole 30 results (4 adults) here. The results were eye-opening and life-changing!

Since I was already putting together my own meal plans, I figured I might as well share them with you. So here you go – a week 1 Whole 30 meal plan. And if you need more ideas, here’s a week 2 Whole 30 meal plan as well!

I’m weird when it comes to dieting and eating. I can’t eat the exact same thing every day. I know a lot of people (like my husband) can make muffin cups on Sunday and eat them all week long. I can’t. I need variety or I don’t eat anything. This meal plan is based on that preference and also so we vary the meat we eat.

If you like to eat the same thing multiple times, feel free to change it up and just eat the same thing every morning or multiple times a week. This is also based on not really having leftovers.

I’m already cooking for four grown adults, so we really don’t have many leftovers for meals. Again, feel free to tweak it up as necessary if you know you’ll have leftovers. Lunch is a great time for leftovers!

I included a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day in my menu. I’ll be sharing a list of my favorite Whole 30 snacks soon so make sure to check back or sign up for my email list in the sidebar.

Whole 30 Meal Plan: Week 1

Monday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Hard boiled eggs (or any kind of eggs), skillet sweet potatoes , and fresh fruit

These skillet sweet potatoes make one of the best Whole 30 snacks

Lunch – Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, baby carrots, an apple, and a handful of almonds

Dinner – Taco topped sweet potatoes using this homemade taco meat using bone broth instead of chicken broth, lots of veggies, fresh guac, and salsa

Homemade taco meat is perfect for a Whole 30 meal plan

Tuesday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Sweet potato toast with various toppings (eggs and bacon, almond butter and banana, avocado)

Toast up sweet potatoes for one of the best Whole 30 snacks

LunchSpaghetti squash with pesto (skip the parmesan in the pesto) and fried eggs

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Dinner – These lemon chicken thighs with Greek lemon potatoes (so good!)

Lemon chicken thighs baked in a pan

Wednesday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Homemade breakfast sausage with a banana and almond butter

Make homemade breakfast sausage on The Whole 30

Lunch – Shish kebabs (just grill up some meat and veggies together) and use these shish kebab recipe instructions

Dinner – Sheet pan smoked sausage with Brussels sprouts and purple potatoes

Thursday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Sausage gravy over potato hash (will make double breakfast sausage Weds to use for this)

This gravy is Whole 30 compliant and a delicious Whole 30 breakfast idea

LunchChicken Cobb Salad with buffalo ranch dressing

A cobb salad is a great part of a Whole 30 meal plan

DinnerOrange chicken with cauliflower rice and steamed veggies

This orange chicken is better than takeout and one of the best Whole 30 lunches

Friday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Plantain, apple, and bacon breakfast hash

A simple breakfast hash is a great Whole 30 program choice

LunchCauliflower fried rice (make double rice for dinner on Thursday night) with chicken

Cauliflower fried rice is a perfect addition to a Whole 30 food plan

DinnerCopycat zuppa toscana with coconut milk instead of cream

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Saturday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Sweet potato and apple breakfast bake

Sweet potato breakfast bake is a great addition to a Whole 30 meal plan

LunchPlantain nachos with shredded chicken, veggies, and guac

DinnerRoasted chicken and veggies

Sunday Whole 30 Recipes

Breakfast – Brussels, bacon, and sausage breakfast quiche on a sweet potato crust

Sweet potato crust quiche is perfect for the whole 30 challenge

LunchBrussels sprouts salad with citrus dressing and grilled chicken (wash and cut extra brussels at breakfast)

DinnerCincinnati chili (replace beef broth with bone broth) over potatoes or sweet potatoes

Want more? Make sure to check out my week 2 Whole 30 meal plan too!

Whole 30 Shopping List

I put together this printable shopping list of everything you will need to make all of these meals. I didn’t put measurements because honestly the measurements will be totally dependent on how many people you’re cooking for, what size portions you eat, etc.

But this should give you a good start when you’re hitting the grocery store!

Click here to get the printable shopping list. .

Whole 30 shopping list for the perfect Whole 30 meal plan