20 Best Gifts for Women Who Like to Entertain

The best gifts for women who like to entertain! These gifts for her are perfect for that friend who always throws parties, the mother-in-law who prides herself on party perfection, and the sister who hosts the best birthday parties!

Know a woman who likes to entertain? These gifts for entertainers are the ideal gifts for the hostess with the mostess in your life!

The best gifts for women who like to entertain! These gifts for her are perfect for that friend who always throws parties, the mother-in-law who prides herself on party perfection, and the sister who hosts the best birthday parties!

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The Best Gifts for Entertainers

I host a lot of girls nights, parties, and family get togethers. A lot. And as someone who entertains a lot, I thought it’d be fun to put together a gift guide for women who like to entertain.

But this isn’t your normal list of gifts for entertainers. And these definitely aren’t hostess gifts .

These are the gifts they really want to get. You won’t find a cake stand, punch bowls, or any sort of home decor on this list.

Because let’s be honest – if it’s someone who entertains a lot, they already have all of those things. All of them.

I can show you a photo of my cake stand collection if you need more proof. They’re likely going to have all of the entertaining basics – pitchers , punch bowls , drink dispensers , cake stands , tiered trays , trifle dishes . You name it, and they’re likely already going to have it.

If they entertain all the time, they probably already bought it for themselves for one of those parties.

This gift guide is the things that they really want.

And I can say that because they are me – I am them. These are the gifts that I personally would want. These or any of these self care gifts .

And yes, I’ve included some things that are subscriptions but guess what, even if they already have said subscription – if you get them that gift, it’s as good as money back in their pocket because they were already paying for it.

But it’s more creative than cash because it shows you were thinking of them.

Over Gifts for Entertainers

House cleaning makes one of the best gifts for entertainers House Cleaning Service Unless they already have one that they use regularly, who wouldn't appreciate you buying them a certificate for house cleaning services? You have to clean before a party and then clean up after a party - so house cleaning services makes a great gift! Check it out! Instacart makes a great gift for entertainers Instacart Subscription I'm a huge fan of Instacart and use it regularly to get my groceries delivered. When you're making food for a party, it's so much easier to have someone else pick up those groceries. And when you realize you forgot to pick up butter for the cupcake buttercream, yeah - send someone else to do the shopping for you. Instacart is seriously a life saver in our house, especially when we're hosting parties! Check it out! Cricut Maker makes one of the best Cricut Christmas gifts Cricut Maker The Cricut Maker is made for people who like to craft and entertain. Whether it's making banners, cutting out cupcake toppers, or even making custom favor bags - so helpful! Check it out!

I even wrote an entire separate Cricut gift guide here that talks all about my favorite Cricut products for women who like to party, or host parties.

Apple Music Subscription Get an iTunes gift card and note that it's for an Apple music subscription. They'll be able to use it for the perfect party playlist all year long! Check it out!

You could also do a Spotify, Amazon music , or really anything else that gives them to a plethora of music choices at their fingertips!

Outdoor Firepit Unless they already have one, this outdoor firepit would make a great gift! Perfect for making s'mores, warming up little fingers, and adding ambiance to any outdoor party! Check it out!

Under Gifts

Gift Card to a Local Bakery Unless it's someone who also absolutely loves to bake, it's likely they use local bakeries to make desserts for their parties. Or honestly if they don't, I'm sure they'd love to skip out on all of the baking themselves! Get a gift card to a local bakery or something national like Cheesecake Factory or Nothing Bundt Cake that they can use at their next event. Check it out! Reverse charades is one of the best adult board games Party Games Every entertainer needs a good collection of party games whether they use them for every party or not. Having fun games on hand gives you another avenue of entertainment if things aren't going well or people seem board. I've got a great list of the best party games to choose from. Check it out! Spa Gift Card I'm going to tell you right now - there is nothing you want to do more after hosting a party than go to the spa and get a massage. Or a pedicure. Or just take a nap. Hosting parties is exhausting so any form of pampering afterwards would be appreciated. Check it out! Speciality Serving Dishes If you want to get someone a serving dish of some sort, making it a speciality one based on their interests. For instance, I love Disney so I'd love this Mickey Mouse serving platter. If someone loves Friends, get them a Friends trifle bowl. Make it practical but also personal. Check it out! Food delivery gift card is one of the best gifts for entertainers Dinner Delivery After cooking and cleaning all day for a party, the last thing you want to do is cook dinner for yourself. Get your favorite entertainer a gift card to Grub Hub, Uber Eats, or even the local pizza delivery place to order food the day before or after an event! Check it out!

Under Gifts

Party Games for Adults Book This party games for adults e-book is filled with 15 of my absolute favorite party games! I can guarantee this would be a book that any entertainer would love to receive. Print it off, get it bound at a local office store, and hand it over! Check it out! Notebooks make great gifts for entertainers Pretty Notebooks People who like to entertain also like to lists, guaranteed. They just go hand in hand because parties have so many details to keep track of, you have to write things down. Pretty notebooks make those lists so much more fun! Get them a pretty notebook like this Erin Condren one with their name on it for fun list making! Click on the button below to get off your first order! Check it out! Pamper Gift Box If you can't afford an actual spa day then this pamper box is a great alternative! Each one is a little different and comes personalized to the recipient. Boxes include things like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, face masks, and more. It's like an at home day at the spa! Check it out! These 10 book recommendations make great Mother Entertaining Books One of my favorite things to do is to look through entertaining books for inspiration. Find a couple that are full of beautiful party spreads, wrap them up in a pretty bow, and you have the perfect gift. Check it out! Hostess with the Mostess Ceramic Plate Show that you know what a good entertainer they are with something fun like this Hostess with the Mostess plate. It's practical but also pretty! Check it out!

Stocking Stuffers for Entertainers

Fun Shaped Ice Cubes It's always fun to add heart shaped ice into a Valentine's Day Punch. Or skull ones into a Halloween one. So many fun ways to use ice cubes - this would definitely be a fun gift! Check it out! Coupons for your help This is the most wanted gifts for entertainers, I promise. Don't just offer to help at their next event - give them a coupon for your help so they know you're serious and not just offering to be nice. Offer to help setup, help clean up, watch the kids while they get ready for the party. Anything that will take the burden off them - but one word of advice, don't necessarily offer to help with anything party specific like bringing food, setting up the table, etc. A lot of entertainers are very particular about that and they may not accept your help. Check it out! Gift cards make great gifts for entertainers Oriental Trading Company Gift Card Everyone can use something from Oriental Trading company and entertainers even more so. With about a million different options for every occasion, it's easy to use any amount at the ultimate party store. And doing an online option means they don't have to go to the store to use it! Check it out! Spoons make great gifts for entertainers Cute Serving Items The stocking is a great place for cute party items like these spoon cheese plate markers. If you're going to get some sort of party decor item, keep it small and simple. Check it out! Chocolate makes great gifts for entertainers Gourmet Chocolate Chocolate, candy, whatever it is - fill up the stocking with some delicious treats just for your favorite entertainer. They often get to make stuff and serve yummy treats to other people but don't really get to just enjoy the treats themselves. Fill their stocking with things just for them! Check it out!

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