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These Marvel would you rather questions are fun for any Marvel fan! Ask everyone which option they’d rather do or use the would you rather game to see who can guess what their teammate would pick!

A pile of Marvel would you rather questions

One of the things that I love most about everyone being home right now is that we’re eating a lot more meals together. It also means we’re talking to each other a lot more than we did when my son was actually in school.

At the same time, it also means I need to be constantly coming up with things to talk about. Lately, I’ve been turning to asking everyone would you rather questions instead of just talking about our day (since they’re often not too exciting).

A few weeks ago we went through all of these Disney would you rather questions for kids , last week it was Star Wars would you rather cards , and this week I came up with a bunch of Marvel ones (thanks to my Marvel fanatic dad!).

There are a total of 52 different Marvel would you rather questions – either use them from this post or download the free printable question cards at the end of this post!

How Do You Play Would You Rather?

If you’ve never played the would you rather game, it’s simple. Well sort of – we’ve added another layer of fun to it that’s a little different than the original game.

But anyway, here’s how you play the regular would you rather game.

Just like with our Harry Potter would you rather game, pick a card from the pile of Marvel would you rather questions. Ask everyone in the group which of the two options they’d rather do.

Some of the questions are silly (e.g., would you rather be in a dance-off like Star-Lord or eaten by a monster by Drax), some are more serious (e.g., would you rather Black Widow or Iron Man come back after Endgame), and some of them you have to be a real Marvel fan to understand why they’re related to Marvel (e.g., would you rather eat a hot dog with ketchup or mayonnaise).

But they’re all fun and they’re all related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in some way.

Once you’ve asked everyone at the table their opinion, move onto the next card.

Someone holding three Marvel would you rather questions

Alternate Way to Play Would You Rather

Since sometimes you need to add a little pizzaz to the game, we’ve started playing a team version of the would you rather game. It works great with these Marvel would you rather questions.

Instead of just going around the table and having people give their answers – use it as kind of a compatibility matching game instead.

Split your group into teams of two.

Ask one question to each team and instead of answering right away, count to three and have both people yell out their answer at once. The goal is to see if you match – and try to match. Teams get a point if they match each other correctly.

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It’s a really fun way to play because not only are you having to consider what you would actually do but you have to think about what your teammate would do and yeah, there’s a lot of thought involved but all in like five seconds before you have to shout out your answer.

It’s how we asked our New Year’s Eve would you rather questions and a total blast!

A pile of Marvel would you rather question cards

Marvel Would You Rather Questions

I’ve included printable would you rather question cards at the bottom of this post as well as a downloadable PDF of all of these questions but in case you just want to ask them right from here instead of using cards, here are all of the questions on the list!

  1. Would you rather be protected by an army of iron men or sorcerers?
  2. Would you rather eat a hot dog with mayonnaise or ketchup?
  3. Would you rather be able to control minds like Wanda or control feelings like Mantis?
  4. Would you rather watch old movies with Peter Parker or take archery lessons from Clint Barton?
  5. Would you rather have Thor’s Endgame body or Mantis’ antennas?
  6. Would you rather be inevitable or perfectly balanced?
  7. Would you rather Green Lantern join the Avengers or Aquaman?
  8. Would you rather live under Hydra’s fascist rule or live freely after Thanos’ snap?
  9. Would you rather study nuclear physics or the language Groot?
  10. Would you rather hang out with Baby Groot or Teenage Groot? (If you choose teenage Groot, make sure to make these Groot beer floats! )
  11. Would you rather have Thor as president or Black Panther?
  12. Would you rather be called Winter Soldier or White Wolf?
  13. Would you rather visit Venice with Peter Parker or Budapest with Hawkeye?
  14. Would you rather have a Disney Plus series for Valkyrie or a series for Howard the Duck?
  15. Would you rather have Jarvis in your Iron Man suit or Friday?
  16. Would you rather run like Quicksilver or shrink and fly like Wasp?
  17. Would you rather be best friends with Rocket or Ant Man?
  18. Would you rather fly on Ant Man’s ant friend or using Falcon’s wings?
  19. Would you rather be Incredible Hulk all the time or switch off with Bruce Banner?
  20. Would you rather be swallowed by a monster like Drax or be in a dance off like Star Lord?
  21. Would you rather hang out with Stan Lee or Nick Fury?
  22. Would you rather have Thanos for a Father or Ego?
  23. Would you rather have a Black Panther ride at Disneyland or a Doctor Strange ride?
  24. Would you rather have blond hair like Captain Marvel or red hair like Black Widow?
  25. Would you rather wear Carol Danvers’ leather jacket or Black Panther’s sneakers?
  26. Would you rather lose your eye like Thor or Nick Fury or lose your arm like Bucky?
  27. Would you rather have Iron Man come back after Endgame or Black Widow?
  28. Would you rather have Wolverine join the MCU or Deadpool?
  29. Would you rather have a body like Thor or Captain America?
  30. Would you rather have lived for five years or be restored after Thanos’ snap?
  31. Would you rather wield Thor’s Mjolnir or Stormbreaker?
  32. Would you rather wear the Hulk Buster or Iron Spider suit?
  33. Would you rather go to a party with Red Skull or Ultron?
  34. Would you rather be Spiderman or Iron Man?
  35. Would you rather have Captain Marvel’s super human strength or her ability to fly?
  36. Would you rather be able to fight like Black Widow or like Hawkeye?
  37. Would you rather listed to Hooked on a Feeling or Mr. Blue Sky?
  38. Would you rather have Loki as a brother or Nebula as a sister?
  39. Would you rather be a doctor like Stephen Strange or a pilot like Carol Danvers?
  40. Would you rather dance like Peter Quill or like Baby Groot?
  41. Would you rather fight Captain America or Iron Man?
  42. Would you rather have Thor’s long hair or short hair?
  43. Would you rather shawarma or orange slices?
  44. Would you rather be as rich as Tony Stark or as smart as Bruce Banner?
  45. Would you rather be a Guardian of the Galaxy or an Avenger?
  46. Would you rather have a secret identity like Spiderman or known to the world like Iron Man?
  47. Would you rather own Dr. Strange’s cloak or Captain America’s shield?
  48. Would you rather live in Wakanda or the Avengers’ Headquarters?
  49. Would you rather be green like the Hulk or red like Vision?
  50. Would you rather be in possession of the time stone or the power stone?
  51. Would you rather be tiny Ant Man or huge Ant Man?
  52. Would you rather be on Team Iron Man or Team Captain America in Civil War?
Someone holding a Marvel would you rather question card

Download the Marvel Questions

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to download a PDF with all of the Marvel would you rather questions on printable cards. You’ll receive a 14 page PDF document – 13 pages of cards and then a one-page document with all of the questions listed (if you don’t want to use the cards).

There are four different designs of the cards – Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America – but all of the questions are different for a total of 52 cards.

I recommend printing on white card stock and laminating so you can keep them around if you ever want to play or ask the questions to other people. Otherwise, just print on whatever paper you’d like and play!

If you do not see the form to download the printable below, click here to get to it .

Four Marvel would you rather questions

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